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What's it all about

My good friend Carlos Filipe Machado has been beavering away for a long time to perfect his phono pre-amp and has been generous once again in sharing his design through Decibel Dungeon.
Usually, I like to try something for myself, before I write about it here. But I have so many other hi-fi projects at present that it may be some time before I can build and test the Duplex for myself. But please remember, this is not just a threoretical design. Carlos has built it and finely tuned it over many hours of listening so that you can feel confident of building one yourself.
For now, I will just include the circuit diagram and notes that Carlos has provided. I understand that there will be a thread on this project at if you have any questions. I will add any relevant information to this page as it becomes available.
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The design

30th May 2006 - Carlos tells me that this schematic is "the final circuit" (at least until he tweaks it again )!

Circuit diagram and notes for the Duplex phono pre-amp designed by Carlos Filipe Machado
Be sure to find out how to load your cartridge properly by reading by Carlos on the Vinylengine forums.
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