Asking Questions - please read carefully

I am always glad to answer any question if I can. However, I have been receiving an ever increasing number of emails that ask questions that are already answered on the Decibel Dungeon web site. People want an answer but don't want to look for it!

I have gone to quite a lot of trouble to make DD easy to navigate, and there is even a search facility to help visitors find information on specific subjects.

So please, do search for the answer to your question before you use the contact form to ask me! I make absolutely nothing out of the Decibel Dungeon site, it is not my job and I have a life to lead just like everybody else!

If you really can't find the answer to a question on the site, I am happy to try and answer it for you. But please realize that I get a lot of questions that take time to answer. And that time is time that I cannot spend on expanding the site (or building hi-fi).

I am sorry that it has been necessary to include this page but too many people have taken advantage of my time. Spending nearly an hour each day replying to questions that are clearly answered on the site is not a good use of my time!

Finally, please note that I answer all emails received through DD. If you don't get an answer, it is because I have replied and the email has been blocked at your end!

IMPORTANT. When you ask a question please remember to include any relevant information that will help me to answer it. For instance, if you ask me where to buy so and so, please tell me which country you live in.

If you have read and understood the above, please click on the button below to contact me.

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